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Diamonds In Your Ear 64/65 [T-515]

(1) Another Side Of Bob Dylan sessions (New York, NY); July 9, 1964
(2) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964
(3) Another Side Of Bob Dylan sessions (New York, NY); July 9, 1964
(4) Bringing It All Back Home sessions (New York, NY); January 13, 1965
(5) Times They Are A-Changin' sessions (New York, NY); August - October 1963
(6) Disco Teen '66
(7)Highway 61 Revisited sessions (New York, NY); June 15 - July 30, 1965

Tracklist: (1) I Don't Believe You, Chimes Of Freedom, Motorpsycho Nitemare, Mr. Tambourine Man, All I Really Want To Do, Black Crow Blues, I Shall Be Free #10
(2) All I Really Want To Do
(3) Denise
(4) California
(5) Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, East Laredo Blues, That's Alright Mama, Sally Free And Easy, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, Hero Blues
(6) Positively Fourth Street (variant mix)
(7) Queen Jane Approximately, Positively Fourth Street, Desolation Row, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Highway 61 Revisited, Tombstone Blues, From A Buick 6, Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window, Queen Jane Approximately, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Positively Fourth Street

NOTE: The CD slips for this set erroneously report two additional tracks from the Highway 61 acetates, "Tombstone Blues" and "From A Buick Six." A fan variant of the set adds those tracks from the same source recording. Previous versions of this entry incorrectly listed this set as including tracks from the 1961 Carnegie performance, based on an online review in the usually most reliable ISIS. Establishing the correct tracklist has been more problematic than usual, because copies of various issues of the Grogan acetates have been circulating under easily interchangeable titles. The persistence of conflicting tracklists inevitably suggests the possibility that variant forms of this set were issued, but there appears to be no more concrete evidence of a variant issue.

ISIS: An attempt to compile all of the Emmett Grogan acetates onto disc. Previous incarnations have ignored the Highway 61 sessions, because almost all [including "Desolation Row"] were the takes used on the official release. As a historical item, a valid project. Recording quality is superb. Filler is other outtakes and live acetates.

CDG: An almost-complete collection of the Grogan acetates (missing only two tracks), in superb sound quality.