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ES 004 [T-509]

[1] Tempodrom (Berlin, Germany); June 17, 1996
[2] Schloss Tambach (Tambach, Germany); July 10, 1996
[3] Alte Oper (Frankfurt, Germany); June 19, 1996
[4] Sporthalle Alpenstrasse, Salzburg, Austria; July 9, 1996
[5] Hall Omnisports (Differdange, Luxembourg); June 24, 1996

Tracklist: Drifter's Escape, Shake Sugaree, Alabama Getaway [1]; Absolutely Sweet Marie [2]; Positively Fourth Street, Friend Of The Devil [1]; Tears Of Rage [2]; Seven Days, Pretty Peggy-O [3]; Shelter From The Storm [2]; This Wheel's On Fire [4]; New Minglewood Blues [5]

DEEP: This set is top heavy with 5 tracks from the incredible Berlin 6/17/96 show; however, these tracks fall short in the quality department, sounding a bit compressed and noisy. Fortunately, the remaining 7 tracks are all well chosen and inspired performances. A nice collection that would be much improved had they used a better source for the Berlin selections or, better yet, replaced them altogether with tracks from other shows.

rmd: The sound quality is among the best I've heard on a live bootleg. Haven't taken the CD off the player. Dylan's voice is really excellent throughout, and the band simply cooks. (TIMHRK)