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Vagabound Wilbury 001 [T-506]

(1) Pat Garrett soundtrack session (Mexico City, Mexico); January 20, 1973
(2) Pat Garrett soundtrack sessions (Burbank, CA); February 1973

Tracklist: (1) Billy, Billy, Turkey, Tom Turkey, Billy Surrenders, And He's Killed Me, Goodbye Holly, Pecos Blues, Pecos Blues, Billy
(2) Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Sweet Amarillo, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Final Theme, Final Theme, Rock Me Mama, Rock Me Mama, Billy 7, Billy 7, Instrumental, Instrumental, Final Theme, Final Theme

ISIS: This disc seems to be a copy of Peco's Blues, the other Pat Garrett cd. I have always enjoyed these outtakes a lot, for some reason. Dylan seems to be very relaxed and enjoys himself a lot on these takes. If you haven't got it yet, you should get it!