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Effective Mining 1CD [T-503]

(1) Freewheelin' sessions; November 1962
(2) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26-28, 1963
(3) Forest Hills (New York, NY); August 17, 1963
(4) Philharmonic Hall (New York, NY); October 31, 1964
(5) Odeon (Liverpool, UK); May 14, 1966
(6) Guthrie Memorial Concert (New York, NY); January 20, 1968
(7) Blue Rock Studios (New York, NY); November 2, 1971
(8) Columbia Records Studio E (New York, NY); June 2, 1970
(9) Columbia Records Studio B (New York, NY); September 24, 1971
(10) 4 Songs From Renaldo And Clara EP
(11) Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO); May 25, 1976
(12) Muscle Shoals Sound Studio (Sheffield, AL); April 30, 1979
(13) Shot Of Love outtake
(14) Power Station (New York, NY); April-May 1983
(15) David Letterman TV (New York, NY); March 22, 1984
(16) Martin Luther King Tribute [washington, DC); January 20, 1986
(17) Hearts Of Fire (London, UK); August 27-28, 1986

Tracklist: (1) Mixed-Up Confusion, Corrina Corrina
(2) With God On Our Side [w/Joan Baez], Blowin' In The Wind [ensemble]
(3) Troubled And I Don't Know Why
(4) Mama You Been On My Mind [w/Joan Baez]
(5) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
(6) I Ain't Got No Home, Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, Grand Coulee Dam
(7) George Jackson (big band]
(8) Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
(9) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
(10) Never Let Me Go [w/Joan Baez]
(11) Blowin' In The Wind [w/Joan Baez]
(12) Trouble In Mind
(13) Let It Be Me
(14) Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
(15) Jokerman
(16) I Shall Be Released
(17) Couple More Years

NOTE: The bulk of this material is pirated, not bootlegged, from legitimate albums that are about as "hard to find" as a Borders bookstore or an Internet music retailer. The enterprise is reprehensible, particularly with regard to the Guthrie concert tracks -- where Dylan donated material for charitable purposes.

DEEP: No need to attempt a "review" other than to say that this is the true successor to Hard To Find, gathering most, if not all, of the "hard to find" official releases not included on that first volume. Quality is excellent throughout. Not a bummer among the 21 tracks.