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Crystal Cat 383-84 2CD [T-501]

(1) University Of Indiana (Bloomington, IN); October 26, 1995
(2) Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (Cleveland, OH); September 2, 1995
(3) Frank Sinatra Tribute (Los Angeles, CA); November 19, 1995

Tracklist: (1) (2) All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, Seeing The Real You At Last, Highway 61 Revisited, Forever Young [w/Bruce Springsteen]
(3) Restless Farewell

DEEP: Another fine performance by Dylan and band once again, with the quality up to Crystal Cat's usual high standards. A great setlist that includes several not-oft played tunes. Dylan is in good voice throughout, though at times the energy drags a bit. It's very workmanlike - not a great performance but a good one. The R&R HOF tracks are the best sound of any I've heard, and "Restless Farewell" is up to snuff with other releases. A very enjoyable disk.

CDG: Topflight audience recording of a great performance. Although the filler tracks are in excellent quality, they have turned up on quite a few other discs.