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Crystal Cat 407-410 [T-500]

(1) Den Gra Hal (Copenhagen, Denmark); July 23, 1996
(2) Mozartsall(Mannheim, Germany); July 2, 1996
(3) Hall Omnisports (Differdange, Luxembourg); June 24, 1996
(4) Zeltfestival (Konstanz, Germany); July 3, 1996
(5) Den Gra Hal (Copenhagen, Denmark); July 24, 1996
(6) Halle Muensterland (Munster, Germany); July 1, 1996

Tracklist: (1) To Be Alone With You, If You See Her Say Hello, All Along The Watchtower, Tears Of Rage, I Don't Believe You, Silvio, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Masters Of War, Friend Of The Devil, Tombstone Blues, She Belongs To Me, Everything Is Broken, It Ain't Me Babe, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
(2) Pretty Peggy-O, To Ramona, What Good Am I, Alabama Getaway
(3) Ring Them Bells
(4) Shelter From The Storm
(5) To Be Alone With You, I Want You, All Along The Watchtower, You're A Big Girl Now, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Silvio, Love Minus Zero, Tangled Up In Blue, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Maggie's Farm, Lenny Bruce, Cat's In The Well, My Back Pages, Highway 61 Revisited, Girl From The North Country
(6) Simple Twist Of Fate, John Brown, Mama You Been On My Mind

DEEP: The first 2 disks in this box set present the entire 23 July show in primo quality. The crispness and clarity of the sound, not to mention the balance and separation, are quite astonishing. Bob's vocals are captured perfectly and every instrument is clearly defined. This is a high quality performance to match, although it has raised no goosebumps. An interesting set list, a nice performance. The filler tracks are equally well chosen; good performances, great quality, nice track selection. No one should be disappointed with this first part of the set. The second night from Christiania is presented in the same drop dead quality as the first two disks. Another fine performance from all concerned, this one elevated to greater heights based on the last 4 songs of the show. Another interesting set list with only 3 duplications from the previous night. All told, the entire 4 disk set provides 38 songs with an amazing 35 different songs performed, quite an offering if you ask me. Filler from Munster is equally satisfying. Great quality once again. The big, bulky, fat 12" long box is ugly, worthless and unnecessary. You can't store it, it adds nothing of worth to the set. Other than that, it's a nice package with excellent color photos on the CD covers and inserts, a nice copy of a review from the Danish papers, and a short description of Christiania with some pictures of this strange place.

ISIS: Recording quality is outstanding, full upfront vocals and clear, well defined instrumentation. Over the two nights only three songs are duplicated. Dylan's performance is consistent throughout, and his vocal delivery is both confident and experimental. The mood is both relaxed and expectant, somehow both alive and serene. The filler tracks add bonus points, cxcellent renditions with clear crisp vocals. A superb representative collection of tracks from the '96 European tour, neatly packaged in a presentation box with understated cover graphics and foldout insert.