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Hard Rain 005 [T-489]

(1) Traveling Wilburys sessions (Malibu, CA); April 3-10, 1988
(2) Wilbury Mountain Studio (Bel Air, CA); April 1990

Tracklist: (1) Handle With Care, Dirty World, Rattled, Last Night, Congratulations, Heading For the Light, End Of the Line
(2) Maxine, Like A Ship, Runaway, She's My Baby, Inside Out, If You Belonged To Me, The Devil's Been Busy, 7 Deadly Sins, Poor House, Where Were You Last Night, Cool Dry Place, New Blue Moon, You Take My Breath Away, Wilbury Twist, Commercial - Volume I, Commercial - Happy New Year

DEEP: The quality is very good, and the disk seems to contain all the rough mixes/basic tracks before overdubbing that were done. A nice collection and a keeper for anyone who finds the Wilburys an endearing, if not enduring, motley crew of famous musicians out for a good ole time.