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Capricorn 2055 [T-482]

(1) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); June 9, 1964
(2) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); January 13, 1965
(3) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); June 9, 1964
(4) Columbia Records Studio A (New York, NY); August - October 1963
(5) Newport Folk Festival (Newport, RI); July 26, 1964 (line)

Tracklist: (1) I Don't Believe You, Chimes of Freedom, Motorpsycho Nitemare, Mr. Tambourine Man, All I Really I Want To Do, Black Crow Blues, I Shall Be Free #10
(2) California
(3) Denise
(4) Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, East Laredo Blues, That's All Right Mama/Sally Free And Easy, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, Hero Blues
(5) All I Really Want To Do

DEEP: Seven tracks from the Emmett Grogan acetates in superb stereo so clean there's little hint that acetates are the source. Bonus tracks also in excellent quality, to my knowledge best quality available. The Another Side acetates are sure to cause a stir. While these trax are the same as appear on the official album, in a couple of cases you hear the producer asking Dylan if he's ready and perhaps a count-in. All, that is, except "Mr Tambourine Man." This version is completely different, vocally and instrumentally, than the one recorded 6 months later and released on Bringing It All Back Home. This is a major find. Unlike the upbeat, optimistic, jaunty official version, this one is much slower, more sparse, sung like BD has the "worried blues," concerned that his muse may not return. A totally different song, different phrasing, added lines, a mistaken line, different ending. And who is that singing the choruses with Bob? [Jack Elliott] This version runs well over a minute longer than the released version, and ends without a guitar/harp solo. This one tune is more than worth the price of admission.