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Crystal Cat 367/68 2CD [T-476]

(1) Spektrum (Oslo, Norway); June 29, 1995
(2) Aston Villa Leisure Centre (Birmingham, UK); April 2, 1995
(3) Hult Center (Eugene, OR); May 31, 1995

Tracklist: (1) Down In The Flood, The Man In Me, All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, You're A Big Girl Now, Silvio, Tangled Up In Blue, Masters Of War, Don't Think Twice, Memphis Blues Again, I And I, Highway 61 Revisited, Ballad Of A Thin Man, It Ain't Me Babe, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
(2) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, What Good Am I, Tombstone Blues, Tears of Rage, Mr Tambourine Man
(3) Obviously Five Believers

DEEP: Complete show from Oslo in excellent quality. It's taken several listens to appreciate this show. I got to thinkin' that maybe he was in a mellow frame of mind, which may have explained why he wasn't really "attacking" the vocals on the first 5 songs. And though the vocals were not as "LOUD" to my ears, I noticed the guitars certainly were. Not to mislead, the sound is great-upfront vocals, defined separation of instruments- but the loud guitars stand out. Overall, a good job with a phenomenal cover photo, some nice insert photos and colorful graphics. If not for 5 of the 6 bonus trax already being available on One Hand Waving Free ..........

rmd: This show was a slow starter; and the first electric set is quite uninspired. But Dylan wakes up during "Masters Of War," and the conclusion of the show is quite powerful. A typical summer '95 concert, quite disappointing. The sound quality and the packaging are first-rate, and the filler tracks are indeed very, very good.