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Sterling Sounds 2CD [T-464]

(1) Brixton Academy (London, UK); March 30, 1995
(2) Brixton Academy (London, UK); March 29, 1995

Tracklist: (1) Down In The Flood, If You See Her Say Hello, All Along The Watchtower, Jokerman, Every Grain Of Sand, Positively Fourth Street, Mr Tambourine Man, Masters Of War, Love Minus Zero, God Knows, Memphis Blues Again, I Believe In You, Like A Rolling Stone, Times They Are A-Changin; I Shall Be Released [w/Elvis Costello]
(2) I Want You, Just Like A Woman, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Don't Think Twice

DEEP: Without going overboard with too many plaudits, these disks are sensational. Recording quality far exceeds Skipping Reels Of Rhyme, while the better Brixton Blues falls short in the end. Good dynamics, crystal clear vocals and solid overall sound. Everything is pushed to a greater degree of clarity. Overall the slightly ragged production on the filler trax is overshadowed by the recording quality. Nice package and inserts, too.

rmd: If you enjoyed Bob's Full House (which is one of the greatest performances/recordings I know - maybe THE greatest) then you just have this for the full Brixton experience. Recording quality is first class, and the performances . . well, maybe not quite so brimming with riches as Full House - but still oh so very fine. The "Love Minus Zero" is beyond words.