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Red Sky 1014 [T-462]

Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA); September 8, 1993

Tracklist: Memphis Blues Again, All Along The Watchtower, Positively Fourth Street, Silvio, Born In Time, BlackJack Davey, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Maggie's Farm, Series Of Dreams, Boots Of Spanish Leather (inc.), It Ain't Me Babe

DEEP: 77 minute soundboard recording which omits two circulating tracks. The quality here is in-your-face, vocals in all their full-throated, raspy glory with nuances intact, and music well balanced and vivid also. A milestone show of sorts as we get the live debut of "Series of Dreams." Dylan's vocals are crystal clear and well defined. This is a stretch, but the only negative I can come up with is that some may find the recording is a bit too up front. An essential set, with some nice insert info on how BDs albums have charted over the years, gold/platinum status, etc.

rmd: Not quite soundboard quality, taken from a hearing-impaired feed. While the "Series Of Dreams" makes the concert essential, the rest of Dylan's performance is very good.