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Gunsmoke GSR2 [T-441]

(1) Broadside Radio Show (New York, NY); May 1962
(2) Broadside Office Recordings (New York, NY); November 1962-March 1963
(3) March On Washington (Washington, DC); August 28, 1963

Tracklist: (1) Ballad Of Donald White, The Death Of Emmett Till; Blowin In The Wind [w/Pete Seeger, Gil Turner, and Sis Cunningham]
(2) I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day, Oxford Town, Paths Of Victory, Walkin' Down The Line, Playboys And Playgirls, Talkin Devil, Farewell, Masters Of War; Let Me Die In My Footsteps [Happy Traum w/Dylan harp]; Only A Hobo, John Brown, I Shall Be Free, Train A-Travellin', Cuban Missile Crisis
(3) Only A Pawn In Their Game (fragment), Only A Pawn In Their Game, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize [w/Len Chandler and Joan Baez]

NOTE: The March On Washington material includes the excerpts from "Only A Pawn In Their Game" (and the embedded excerpts from speeches) from the Folkways LP We Shall Overcome as well as a complete version of the song apparently taken from a broadcast recording. A more extensive broadcast recording has subsequently surfaced.

DEEP: Excellent assemblage of often overlooked and underrated sessions. Highly commendable collection assembles all Broadside-related tracks, culled from a variety of sources. Recording quality varies markedly, but an excellent archival document. One for the purists, perhaps (sound is fine for the period, some a bit thin). Some fascinating and unique performances unavailable elsewhere. A nice cross section of early material. Details provided as to sources and dates of recordings. Recommended to those into this period - fascinating stuff.