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Angry Dino 1014 [T-431]

(1) Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO); May 23, 1976
(2) Starlight Ballroom (Clearwater, FL); April 22, 1976 (afternoon)
(3) Starlight Ballroom (Clearwater, FL); April 22, 1976 (evening)

Tracklist: (1) Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall; Blowin' In The Wind, Railroad Boy, Deportees, I Pity The Poor Immigrant [w/Joan Baez]; Mozambique
(2) Mr. Tambourine Man, Times They Are A-Changin'; I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine [w/Joan Baez]; When I Paint My Masterpiece [w/Bobby Neuwirth]
(3) Like A Rolling Stone, Isis, Just Like A Woman; Knockin' On Heaven's Door [w/Roger McGuinn]; Lay Lady Lay

NOTE: This disc is often listed as "Like A Rolling Stone," which appears more prominently on the front cover than the listed title. The Guide follows the title used on the standard T-list. The disc omits one track from the April 22 afternoon show, the Dylan/Baez duet on "Blowin' In The Wind."

EDLIS: Sound quality is what you would expect from a video copy, more distortion and echo than from straight audio. Nevertheless enjoyable if you like Rolling Thunder.

DEEP: One of the best releases of 1995.