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Moonlight 9502 [T-425]

Tracklist: Couple More Years (Hearts of Fire); Dignity (Oh Mercy outtake); Abandoned Love (Other End, 7/3/75); Coming From the Heart (Rundown Studio rehearsal, April 1978); City Of Gold (San Francisco, 11/15/80); Watered Down Love (Shot Of Love outtake); I'll Keep It With Mine (instrumental outtake, 2/15/66); Thief On The Cross (New Orleans, 11/10/81); Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Grateful Dead rehearsals, April 1987); Dirty World (Traveling Wilburys outtake); You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (outtake with Happy Traum, 9/24/71); Thank God (Chabad Telethon tape, 8/5/86); (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Freewheelin' outtake, 4/24/62); Ain't Gonna Go To Hell (Toronto, 4/20/80); Trouble In Mind (b-side); Got Love If You Want It (Down in the Groove outtake); Spirit Of Rock and Roll (from Brian Wilson's Sweet Insanity sessions, Dylan contributing not only backup but his own verses); Mama You Been On My Mind (Wilkes-Barre, 11/1/92).

DEEP: Very eclectic and high quality compilation which could have been a lot better. 18 high quality tracks from various sources. One main drawback: disk clocks in at just under 60 minutes. I'm not much for compilations, but this one is better than most. A very enjoyable disk to listen to, the quality is outstanding overall.

EDLIS: Various rare tracks, mostly widely available on other CDs. A good overview style CD for a small collection.