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Red Sky 1011 1CD [T-420]

(1) Station Square (Pittsburgh, PA); August 19, 1994
(2) Nautica Stage (Cleveland, OH); August 20, 1994

Tracklist: (1) Jokerman, Seņor, All Along The Watchtower, Positively Fourth Street, Cat's In The Well, In The Garden, Maggie's Farm, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
(2) Under The Red Sky, Lenny Bruce

DEEP: Not up to the high standards of previous Red Sky releases, redeemed only by the presence of a sublime "Hard Rain." Only 8 trax from Pittsburgh leaves one wondering why they included so many standards. Disk is full (76+). Red Sky releases contain arguably the worst cover art ever, and this is among their worst. Very mild recommendation.

rmd: Avoid at all costs! Overcooked to the nines, and very, very lackluster. The quieter tracks are easier to tolerate, but don't salvage the disc.