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Diamonds In Your Ear 39 [T-353]

(1)Doug Sahm And Band, Doug Sahm
(2)Roger McGuinn, Roger McGuinn
(3)Chronicles, Booker T and Priscilla Jones
(4)Barry Goldberg, Barry Goldberg
(5)Com'n Back For More, David Blue
(6) Other End (New York, NY); July 3, 1975
(7) A Vision Shared, various artists
(8) Songs For The New Depression, Bette Midler
(9) Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO); May 23, 1976, Kinky Friedman
(10) Death Of A Ladies' Man, Leonard Cohen
(11) Last Waltz (San Francisco, CA); November 25, 1976
(12) No Reason To Cry, Eric Clapton

Tracklist: (1) (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone, Wallflower, Blues Stay Away From Me, Me And Paul, Faded Love (guitar, organ, harmonica, vocals)
(2) I'm So Restless (harmonica)
(3) The Crippled Cow (harmonica)
(4) Stormy Weather Cowboy, It's Not The Spotlight, Silver Moon, Minstrel Show, Big City Woman (percussion, bv)
(5) Who Love (harmonica)
(6) Pretty Boy Floyd, How Long (w/Jack Elliott)
(7) Pretty Boy Floyd
(8) Buckets Of Rain
(9) Sold American (guitar, harmonica)
(10) Don't Go Home With Your Hard On (bv)
(11) Hazel
(12) Sign Language

NOTE: Virtually all the material on this album is pirated, much from readily available CDs.