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Diamonds In Your Ear 38 [T-352]

(1) Midnight Special, Harry Belafonte
(2) Riverside Church (New York, NY); July 29, 1961
(3) Carolyn Hester, Carolyn Hester
(4) Three Kings And A Queen, Victoria Spivey et al
(5) Three Kings And A Queen Vol 2, Victoria Spivey et al
(6) Dick Fariņa And Eric Von Schmidt, Richard Fariņa and Eric von Schmidt
(7) Jack Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Elliott
(8) Newport Broadside, various artists
(9) We Shall Overcome, March On Washington, August 28, 1963
(10) Blues Project, various artists
(11) Earl Scruggs TV (Carmel, NY); December 1970
(12) Steve Goodman b-side
(13) Somebody Else's Troubles, Steve Goodman

Tracklist: (1) Midnight Special (harmonica)
(2) Mean Old Railroad (w/Danny Kalb), Acne (w/Jack Elliott)
(3) I'll Fly Away, Swing And Turn Jubilee, Come Back Baby (harmonica)
(4) Sitting On Top Of The World, Wichita (harmonica, bv)
(5) Big Joe Dylan And Victoria, It's Dangerous (harmonica, bv)
(6) Glory Glory, Overseas Stomp, You Can Always Tell, Xmas Island, Cocaine, London Waltz (harmonica, bv)
(7) Will The Circle Be Unbroken
(8) Playboys And Playgirls (w/Pete Seeger, 7/28/63), With God On Our Side (w/Joan Baez, 7/28/63)
(9) Only A Pawn In Their Game (cut, w/speeches inserted)
(10) Downtown Blues (piano, w/Geoff Muldaur)
(11) Nashville Skyline Rag (w/Scruggs family)
(12) Election Year Rag (piano, bv)
(13) Somebody Else's Troubles (piano, bv)

NOTE: Virtually all the material on this album is pirated, more than half from readily available CDs.