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Razor's Edge 002 [T-317]

Studio On The Move (New Orleans, LA); March 7-24, 1989

Tracklist: Shooting Star, God Knows, God Knows, What Good Am I?, Most Of The Time, Everything Is Broken, Political World, Born In Time, Dignity, Shooting Star, Disease Of Conceit, Ring Them Bells, Most Of The Time, What Was It You Wanted?, Series Of Dreams, Series Of Dreams, Series Of Dreams

rmd: Deeds Of Mercy definitely came out on top for me. Ring Them Bells definitely sounds to have gone through the digital mill to take out the hiss and brighten the sound, but the true presence of the music has been forfeited to a degree. It's not at all bad, but I'd advise any analog fan to stick with Deeds. (Matthew Zuckerman)
Although Bells has better sound than Deeds, the different track listings make it difficult to say categorically that either disc is dispensible. (Ben Taylor)