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Wanted Man 002 [T-238]

Tracklist: Newry Highwayman (7/1/92), Girl On The Greenbriar Shore (6/30/92), Little Moses (5/9/92), Golden Vanity (4/24/92), 20/20 Vision (10/25/91), Barbara Allen (6/22/91), When First Unto This Country (6/12/91), Roving Gambler (11/6/91), That Lucky Old Sun (11/5/91), Two Soldiers (11/2/91), Dark As A Dungeon (2/6/90), Trail Of The Buffalo (6/18/91), Female Rambling Sailor (4/3/92), Man Of Constant Sorrow (6/11/88), Eileen Aroon (6/15/88), Wild Mountain Thyme (6/22/88), Waggoner's Lad (10/14/88), The Lakes Of Pontchartrain (6/17/88)

CDG: Good, but not great.

rmd: Sound quality varies from track to track but it's all very listenable. As for the performances, they range from excellent to out of this world. "Roving Blade," "Golden Vanity" and especially "Eileen Aroon" rank as some of his finest performances. (MZ)