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Sick Cat 006 [T-231]

(1) Freewheelin' outtakes
(2) Town Hall (New York, NY); April 12, 1963
(3) Times They Are A-Changin' outtake
(4) Bringing It All Back Home outtake
(5) Hawks session (New York, NY); October 5, 1965
(6) New Morning outtake
(7) Shot Of Love worktape
(8) Blood On The Tracks test pressing
(9) Songs For The New Depression outtake
(10) Desire outtake
(11) Special Rider demos
(12) Shot Of Love outtakes
(13) Empire Burlesque sessions
(14) Freewheelin' outtake

Tracklist: (1) Whatcha Gonna Do, Sally Gal
(2) Ramblin' Down Through The World, You've Been Hiding Too Long
(3) Suze (The Cough Song)
(4) You Don't Have To Do That
(5) Jet Pilot
(6) Working On A Guru
(7) Let Me See
(8) Lily Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts
(9) Nuggets Of Rain [Bette Midler w/Dylan]
(10) Hurricane
(11) Stepchild, Seven Days
(12) Yonder Comes Sin, Mystery Train, Watered-Down Love
(13) Honey Wait
(14) That's Alright Mama