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Scorpio BD-SC-1900 [T-222]

Basement Tapes (West Saugerties, NY); April-October 1967

Tracklist: Million Dollar Bash, Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread, Million Dollar Bash, Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread, Please Mrs Henry, Crash On The Levee, Crash On The Levee, Lo and Behold, Lo And Behold, Ferdinand The Impostor, Tiny Montgomery, This Wheel's On Fire, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, I Shall Be Released, Too Much Of Nothing, Even A Tomato, Santa Fe, Silent Weekend, Too Much Of Nothing, Sign On The Cross

NOTE: Volume 3 now circulates in stereo as well as the mono version described in comments on the first circulating CD issue. After The Crash vol 1, which is in stereo, is preferred by some to the mono, but not the stereo, version of this CD.

BIAB: Volume three features more of the "original" songs, but with a few extra newly discovered songs thrown in for good measure. Despite the wealth of wonderful material, this disc is the one I like the least, primarily because of the poor sound. Whether by design or accident, the entire disc is in mono and features a lot of hiss at times. I know that there are stereo versions of some of these songs available, and so the decision to master them in mono makes for some pretty poor mixing results. Garth Hudson can't be heard as he should and some of the harmonies are buried. Still this disc is essential because of the material presented.

AMG: Despite the relatively low fidelity, the quality of the music shines through.