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Silver Rarities 49/50 [T-208]

(1) Arlington Theater (Santa Barbara, CA); May 11, 1992
(2) State University (San Jose, CA); May 9, 1992
(3) Pantages Theater (Hollywood, CA); May 14, 1992
(4) Berkeley Community Theater (Berkeley, CA); May 8, 1992

Tracklist: (1) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, What Good Am I, Union Sundown, Just Like A Woman, Drifter's Escape, Queen Jane Approximately, Watching The River Flow, Love Minus Zero, Little Moses, Gates Of Eden, Desolation Row, Cat's In The Well, Idiot Wind, Times They Are A-Changin', Highway 61 Revisited, Absolutely Sweet Marie, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Blowin' In The Wind
(2) Most Of The Time
(3) Delia
(4) Visions Of Johanna

rmd: Sound quality on this one is very good, if a little quiet. Not as good as others from the same week, though. A fine performance with particularly good versions of several songs, including the scarce "Delia." (MZ)

NOTE: The CD packaging identifies (3) in error as "Delia's Gone" rather than "Delia"; the two songs are quite distinct, despite their apparent common ancestor.