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Froggie 3CDR

various 1991 dates/venues

Tracklist: New Morning (7/20/91, Vienna); I Believe In You (6/16/91, Stuttgart); Shelter From The Storm (6/19/91, Offenbach); The Man In Me (1/28/91, Zurich); Wiggle Wiggle (6/19/91, Offenbach); Lenny Bruce (6/21/91, Munich); God Knows (2/8/91, London); I Want You (6/6/91, Rome); Man In The Long Black Coat (11/4/91, Evanston); One More Cup Of Coffee (6/10/91, Belgrade); Simple Twist Of Fate (10/30/91, Tulsa); Gotta Serve Somebody (6/26/91, Stockholm); Seeing The Real You At Last (4/19/91, New Orleans); Seņor (11/12/91, Detroit); It Takes A Lot To Laugh (7/20/91, Vienna); When I Paint My Masterpiece (6/23/91, Hamburg); Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (2/6/91, Belfast); Bob Dylan's Dream (6/19/91, Offenbach); One Too Many Mornings (2/9/91, London); Ballad Of Hollis Brown (6/26/91, Stockholm); It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (2/12/91, London); Gates Of Eden (6/14/91, Innsbruck); To Ramona (2/13/91, London); Boots Of Spanish Leather (11/12/91, Detroit); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (2/12/91, London); Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (1/28/91, Zurich); It's All Over Now Baby Blue (6/10/91, Belgrade); Desolation Row (4/19/91, New Orleans); Ring Them Bells (8/19/91, Belo Horizonte); Girl From The North Country (6/23/91, Hamburg); Blowin' In The Wind (2/8/91, London); Roving Gambler (11/6/91, South Bend); Two Soldiers (6/19/91, Offenbach); Golden Vanity (11/4/91, Evanston); Barbara Allen (6/23/91, Hamburg); Trail Of The Buffalo (6/18/91, Essen); When First Unto This Country (6/12/91, Budapest; Folsom Prison Blues (7/20/91, Vienna); Across The Borderline (10/17/91, Seville); Early Morning Rain (10/30/91, Tulsa); Homeward Bound (6/6/91, Rome); Friend Of The Devil (11/15/91, Wilkes-Barre; It's Too Late (8/10/81, Buenos Aires); Dust My Broome (11/12/91, Detroit); People Get Ready (8/8/91, Buenos Aires); Lucky Old Sun (11/5/91, Madison); Tupelo Honey [w/Van Morrison] (2/6/91, Belfast); One Irish Rover (11/2/91, Ames); 20/20 Vision (10/25/91, Austin); Answer Me (11/4/91, Evanston)