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Scorpio BD 200-2 [T-187]

Basement Tapes (West Saugerties, NY); April-October 1967

Tracklist: Odds And Ends, Nothing Was Delivered, Odds And Ends, Get Your Rocks Off, Clothes Line Saga, Apple Suckling Tree, Apple Suckling Tree, Going To Acapulco, Gonna Get You Now, Tears Of Rage, Tears Of Rage, Tears Of Rage, Quinn The Eskimo, Quinn The Eskimo, Open The Door Homer, Open The Door Homer, Open The Door Homer, Nothing Was Delivered, Nothing Was Delivered, I'm Not There (1956) Don't Ya Tell Henry, Too Much Of Nothing

BIAB: Volume two consists mostly of those songs available in 1967 and subsequently released on the official Basement Tapes album, but many of these versions have never been heard before by the general public, even though they have been known of for years. This is the core of the Basement Tapes. The nice thing about this disc is that is tends to present the multiple takes more or less in order, so that for the first time we actually have both versions of "Quinn the Eskimo" and all three takes of "Open the Door Homer" on one disc. Also, the multiple versions present further evidence that these songs were probably intended to be released as part of an album at one time or another.

AMG: Although half the material is included on official releases, the other half makes this disc essential.