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LC Music 41-16817 [T-164]

Hammersmith Odeon (London, UK); February 9-17, 1991

Tracklist: Most Likely You Go Your Way, Lay Lady Lay, Masters Of War, The Man In Me (2/16); Wiggle Wiggle (2/12); Bob Dylan's Dream (2/16); Love Minus Zero (2/15); Tomorrow Is A Long Time (2/12); Shooting Star (2/9); Everything Is Broken (2/17); Man In The Long Black Coat, Seeing The Real You At Last, Under The Red Sky, God Knows (2/15); I Shall Be Released, Like A Rolling Stone (2/17); What Good Am I (2/12); Highway 61 Revisited (2/15)

CDG: Passable, but not great, recordings of quirky performance with some shining moments.

Heylin: A shambles, mismastered and randomly edited by the CD manufacturer.

NOTE: This disc apparently is taken from the same source tapes as the LP boot "Behind The Lines Of War," and has a very similar tracklist; the disc and LP were issued at about the same time. However, the reported dates for the LP tracks do not match the reported dates for the corresponding CD tracks.