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Westwood 61 1CD [T-138]

Hammersmith Odeon (London, UK); February 3-8, 1990

Tracklist: Political World (2/6), Where Teardrops Fall (2/8), Everything Is Broken (2/7), Man In The Long Black Coat (2/6), Most of The Time (2/7), What Good Am I (2/4), Disease Of Conceit (2/8), What Was It You Wanted (2/3), Hang Me Oh Hang Me (2/8), Tight Connection To My Heart (2/3), Forever Young (2/7)

rmd: A compilation of excellent audience recordings from Dylan's 1990 London residency. Even though I'd have preferred a complete concert, I'm happy with this Oh Mercy pastiche. The last three songs are excellent performances, and a welcome addition. A direct copy of the LP boot "Deadpan Twist." The CD itself sports a black and silver image of Bob, with an artsy blue streak down the side. (Anthony Kapolka)
Nice quality audience recordings. The best tracks on the CD are the three concluding "filler" tracks, after the songs from Oh Mercy. My only complaint is that the CD clocks in at just under 45 minutes, leaving about 30 minutes of wasted space.