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Swingin' Pig 054 [T-120]

(1) Free Trade Hall (Manchester, UK); May 17, 1966
(2) Royal Albert Hall (London, UK); May 27, 1966

Tracklist: (1) She Belongs To Me, Fourth Time Around, Visions Of Johanna, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
(2) Desolation Row, Just Like A Woman, Mr. Tambourine Man

NOTE: To be avoided. The first four tracks have now been officially released, while more complete versions of the London show circulate freely. The cover slips inaccurately source all the tracks to Manchester. This disc has been issued under several sets of cover slips, probably from different issuers claiming to be the Swingin' Pig label.

rmd: The sound quality is excellent. This is the best sounding of the '66 tour CDs. These songs are all acoustic, and Dylan's performance sounds less hindered by drugs then so many of the '66 shows. Annoyingly, the last cut is faded out. (Anthony Kapolka)

Heylin: A suberb declicked version of the acoustic set from Dylan's fabled gig, taken directly from Columbia acetates.