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Early Years 02CD3337 [T-110]

(1) Times They Are A-Changin' sessions
(2) Another Side Of Bob Dylan sessions
(3) Times They Are A-Changin' sessions
(4) Answerphone recording (Malibu, CA); summer 1975

Tracklist: (1) Only A Hobo, Moonshine Blues
(2) Mama You Been On My Mind,
(3) Eternal Circle, Percy's Song, Seven Curses, Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Percy's Song, Suze (The Cough Song), Eternal Circle, Walls Of Redwing
(4) Answerphone song

rmd: This bootleg is of very good quality. Only 3 of the cuts are not available legitimately at this time, so it is hard to recommend this disk. It includes an 8 page color booklet with pics of Dylan. (AK)

rmd: This disc might have been relatively good sound quality when it was first released, but its sound just isn't up to current standards.