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no label 10CDR

(1) Minnesota Hotel Tape (Minneapolis, MN); December 22, 1961
(2) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan outtakes
(3) Leeds Music Demos (New York, NY); January 1962
(4) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan outtakes
(5) Witmark Demos (New York, NY); 1962-1964
(6) Gaslight Cafe (New York, NY); October 1962
(7) Bob Dylan In Concert unreleased LP
(8) Witmark Demo (New York, NY); 1964
(9) Freewheelin' Bob Dylan outtakes
(10) Times They Are A-Changin' outtakes
(11) Witmark Demo (New York, NY); 1963
(12) Times They Are A-Changin' outtakes
(13) Bringing It All Back Home outtake (New York, NY); January 13, 1965
(14) Another Side Of Bob Dylan outtake (New York, NY); June 9, 1964
(15) Times They Are A-Changin' outtakes
(16) Bringing It All Back Home outtakes (New York, NY); January 13-15, 1965
(17) Highway 61 Revisited outtakes (New York, NY); June- August 1965
(18) Hawks session (New York, NY); January 21, 1966
(19) John Mayall session (London, UK); May 12, 1965
(20) Hawks sessions (New York, NY); October 5, 1965-January 21, 1966
(21) Free Trade Hall (Manchester, UK); May 17, 1966

Tracklist: (1) Candy Man, Baby Please Don't Go, Hard Times In New York, Stealin', Poor Lazarus, I Ain't Got No Home, It's Hard To Be Blind, Dink's Song, Wade In The Water, In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Sally Gal, Gospel Plow, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Omie Wise, I Was Young When I Left Home, Cocaine Blues, Ramblin' Round, VD Waltz, VD Blues, VD City, VD Gunner's Blues, Black Cross, East Orange, Long John, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
(2) Baby Please Don't Go, Milk Cow Blues, Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Disaster Blues, Lonesome Whistle Blues, Talkin' Hava Negeilah Blues, Worried Blues, Wichita Blues, Going To New Orleans, Quit Your Lowdown Ways
(3) He Was A Friend Of Mine, Man On The Street, Hard Times In New York Town, Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Disaster Blues, Standing On The Highway, Poor Boy Blues, Ballad For A Friend, Man On The Street, Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie
(4) Mixed Up Confusion, Corrina Corrina, Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues, Let Me Die In My Footsteps, Baby I'm In THe Mood For You, Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie, Death Of Emmett Till
(5) Ain't Gonna Grieve, Long Time Gone, Long Ago Far Away, Hero Blues, Whatcha Gonna Do, Gypsy Lou, Guess I'm Doing Fine, Walking Down The Line, All Over You, Bound To Lose Bound To Win, I Shall Be Free, I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day, When The Ship Comes In, Times They Are A-Changin', Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Farewell
(6) Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Kindhearted Woman Blues, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Black Cross, No More Auction Block, Rocks and Gravel, Barbara Allen, Moonshine Blues, Motherless Children, Handsome Molly, John Brown, Don't Think Twice, Ain't No More Cane, Cocaine Blues, Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird, West Texas, Hard Rain's A- Gonna Fall
(7) Ramblin' Down Through The World, Who Killed Davey Moore, Hero Blues, Dusty Old Fairgrounds, Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
(8) Mr. Tambourine Man
(9) Rocks And Gravel, Kingsport Town, Whatcha Gonna Do
(10) Moonshine Blues, Suze (The Cough Song), Seven Curses, Mama You Been On My Mind
(11) Mama You Been On My Mind
(12) Eternal Circle, Walls Of Red Wing, Only a Hobo, Paths Of Victory, Percy's Song, Farewell, Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
(13) I'll Keep It With Mine
(14) Denise
(15) That's All Right Mama, Sally Free And Easy, East Laredo Blues, Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
(16) California, If You Gotta Go Go Now, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, She Belongs To Me, It's All Over Now Baby Blue
(17) Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window, Phantom Engineer, From A Buick 6, Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence, Desolation Row
(18) She's Your Lover Now
(19) Miami Sales Message
(20) Medicine Sunday, Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Visions of Johanna, She's Your Lover Now, Number One
(21) Tell Me Momma, I Don't Believe You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Leopardskin Pillbox Hat, One Too Many Mornings, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Like A Rolling Stone

NOTE: Fan-created replication of a famous LP boot set, from "best available" CD sources rather than direct transfer from vinyl (and, by some reports, with a few missed tracks added back). Intended as a curio for collectors; virtually all of the material circulates in more complete (and more accurately organized) form. Some of this material has been officially released on the two Bootleg Series sets and on Biograph.