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Archive Productions 98003 [T-107]

(1) Quest TV (Toronto, ON); February 1, 1964
(2) Forest Hills Music Festival (New York, NY); August 17, 1963 (line)
(3) Minnesota Hotel Tape (Minneapolis, MN); December 22, 1961
(4) Banjo Tape (New York, NY); February 8, 1963

Tracklist: (1) Times They Are A-Changin', Talkin' World War III Blues, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, Girl From The North Country, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Restless Farewell
(2) Troubled And I Don't Know Why, Blowin' In The Wind (cut) [w/Joan Baez]
(3) Dink's Song, In The Evening, Long John
(4) Who You Really Are, Back Door Blues, Bob Dylan's Dream, You Can Get Her, Farewell, All Over You, Keep Your Hands Off Her, Honey Babe, Going Back To Rome, Stealin'

To be avoided. All of this material circulates in superior quality; and the Banjo Tape also circulates in more complete form. The packaging for this disc includes several conspicuous errors in track identification and attribution.

rmd: This CD is composed of 4 tracks, each having multiple songs. For the most part, the recording quality varies from only fair to very good. The packaging with this disk is nice, containing a fold-out front paper, with several pictures of Bob in his youth. (Anthony Kopolka)

rmd: Sound quality on the Quest tracks is conspicuously inferior to that of the circulating video.