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Laser 76025 [T-104]

Gaslight Cafe (New York, NY); October 1962

Tracklist: Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Black Cross, No More Auction Block, Rocks And Gravel, Don't Think Twice, Barbara Allen, Moonshine Blues, Motherless Children, Handsome Molly, John Brown, Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Kindhearted Woman Blues, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Ain't No More Cane, Cocaine Blues, Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird, West Texas [cut]

NOTE: The first unauthorized Dylan CD to surface. It has been regularly rereleased under other labels with packaging variations. The sound quality is inferior to the better circulating tapes.

rmd: Mostly traditional blues and folk material. Sound quality is not very good. A good look into his early stage presence. Several songs feature simple but very good guitar arrangements. Vocals are clear and phrasing is interesting. I've never been a huge fan of his earlier work but I like this disc more the older I get.