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Vigotone 09 [T-102]

(1) Carnegie Chapter Hall (New York, NY); November 4, 1961 (line)
(2) Concert For Bangladesh (New York, NY); August 1, 1971 (afternoon) (line)
(3) Blood On The Tracks test pressing

Tracklist: (1) Pretty Peggy-O, In The Pines, Gospel Plow, 1913 Massacre, Backwater Blues, Young But Daily Growin', Fixin To Die
(2) Love Minus Zero, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
(3) Idiot Wind, Lily Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts

rmd: An excellent disc with a very cool cover. A very mixed bag, with 1961 performances of great historical interest plus bonus tracks in very nice quality. Good listening. (TJ)
This is a nice product -- the CD is pretty full, the sound is great and the packaging is attractive (despite errors in the track listing), including hand-colored black and white photos of Dylan, to good effect.