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Drive 3068 [T-100]

(1) Adelphi Theatre (Dublin, Eire); May 5, 1966
(2) Studs Terkel's Wax Museum (Chicago, IL); April 26, 1963
(3) Adelphi Theatre (Dublin, Eire); May 5, 1966

Tracklist: (1) Visions Of Johanna, Fourth Time Around, It's All Over Now Baby Blue
(2) Farewell, Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan's Dream, Boots of Spanish Leather, John Brown, Who Killed Davey Moore?, Blowin' In The Wind
(3) Desolation Row, Just Like A Woman, Mr. Tambourine Man

rmd: This is one strange disc. To interweave these two shows, Drive inserted canned crowd noises between all the songs -- particularly weird because the Terkel tape is just an interview (deleted entirely here) and Bob playing. The sound quality varies. The Adelphi stuff is pretty good; the Terkel songs are excellent. The packaging includes very dubious claims about the source recordings. (Anthony Kapolka)