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Diamonds In Your Ear 63 [T-092]

(1) Record Plant (New York, NY); November 17, 1971
(2) Rundown Studios (Santa Monica, CA); January 1982
(3) Record Plant (New York, NY); November 17, 1971
(4) Carolyn Hester, Carolyn Hester
(5) Tribute To Woody Guthrie, various artists
(6) Texas Tornado, Doug Sahm
(7) The Byrds boxed set, Byrds
(8) Flashback soundtrack
(9) Little Love Letters, Carlene Carter
(10) Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Mike Seeger
(11) Street Angel, Stevie Nicks
(12) Natural Born Killers soundtrack
(13) 'Til The Night Is Gone, Doc Pomus tribute/various artists

Tracklist: (1) A Dream, Vomit Express [guitar, piano, organ, w/Allen Ginsberg]
(2) Airplane Blues [bass, w/Allen Ginsberg]
(3) September On Jessore Road [guitar, w/Allen Ginsberg]
(4) I'll Fly Away, Come Back Baby (harmonica)
(5) I Ain't Got No Home, Dear Mrs Roosevelt, Grand Coulee Dam
(6) Tennessee Blues (harmonica, unconfirmed and unlikely)
(7) Mr. Tambourine Man
(8) People Get Ready
(9) Trust Yourself (backing vocals)
(10) Ballad Of Hollis Brown
(11) Just Like A Woman (harmonica)
(12) You Belong To Me
(13) Boogie Woogie Country Girl

NOTE: All of the material on this album is pirated from readily available sources.