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Razor's Edge 023/24 2CD [T-076]

(1) The Edge (Ft. Lauderdale, FL); September 23, 1995
(2) Riverfront Park (Spokane, WA); June 7, 1995
(3) Frank Sinatra Tribute (Los Angeles, CA); November 19, 1995

Tracklist: (1) Real Real Gone, Friend Of The Devil, Maggie's Farm, It's Too Late, Silvio, Confidential To Me, Willin, That Lucky Old Sun, West LA Fadeaway, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Key To The Highway, Tangled Up In Blue, With God On Our Side, Highway 61 Revisited
(2) If You See Her, Just Like A Woman, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Mr. Tambourine Man, Seeing The Real You At Last, I'll Remember You, Knockin' On Heaven's Door
(3) Restless Farewell

NOTE: "Restless Farewell" is not listed on the standard cover slips, and is reported to be in inferior sound.

DEEP: The interesting and surprise filled "free" Edge show whose purpose was (pick 'em): 1) warm-up rehearsal for the fall tour, or 2) Dylan's tribute/goodbye to Garcia, or 3) a little of both. Whatever it was, it turned out to be a most esoteric of "shows," with no less than 6 rarely-if-ever played tunes and some commoners given drastic new arrangements. The sound quality, given the tight security circumstances at this show, is not up to the high standards of the best 95's; however, the sound is well balanced and, although Bob's vocals are not as upfront as we'd like, they are clear and distinct. Best are the "slower" tunes, where the sound nuances and vocalizing are a bit more distinctive. Anyway, this is an extremely enjoyable disk and a show unlike one we will ever hear again. The filler trax are quite good, albeit a bit high end biased. Another one that goes out highly recommended.

CDG: While the sound quality may be below average for recent shows, it's good enough to listen to -- and the setlist alone makes it worthwhile. Well-chosen filler, too.