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Moonlight 9642 [T-070]

Basement Tapes (West Saugerties, NY); 1967

Tracklist: I Got You Babe, Memphis Tennessee, instrumental, Gonna Get You Now, instrumental, Mighty Quinn, Lo And Behold, Apple Suckling Tree, Tiny Montgomery, I Shall Be Released, instrumental, instrumental, Sonny Boy, Piano Rag, instrumental, Be My Baby

DEEP: Tiny Tim at Big Pink? What a hoot. Comical renditions by the Tim Man that only a dog could appreciate, though in excellent quality. The instrumentals are interesting to hear, though very short, and you won't be hyperbolizing about any of them down the road. Dylan's vocal contributions (6) have all been heard in better quality on the Genuine Basement Tapes. Much hiss to sift through here. The only redeeming features are the nice looking front and back covers. Pass on this one, folks, it's a loser.

CDG: The Basement Tapes revisited, no new material here as far as I can tell. Maybe interesting if you haven't got any Basement stuff yet, otherwise let this pass...