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Moonlight ML 9636 [T-069]

[1] Sullivan Stadium (Foxboro, MA); July 4, 1987
[2] Autzen Stadium (Eugene, OR); July 19, 1987
[3] Anaheim Stadium (Anaheim, CA); July 26, 1987
[4] Giants Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ); July 12, 1987
[5] Down In The Groove outtake

Tracklist: John Brown [1], Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest [2], Chimes Of Freedom [3], Slow Train [1], Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [2], Queen Jane Approximately [2], Joey [1], Wicked Messenger [4], It's All Over Now Baby Blue [2], Silvio [5]

DEEP: The nine live tracks here were supposedly the Dead's choices for the live album - only 3 of the nine selections made it. All nine selections are very enjoyable and performed well by both Bob and the Dead. Seems the Dead took care in selecting only good performances. Sound quality is almost excellent. An added bonus track is an outtake of "Silvio," with slight differences. If you like your Dylan with more than a dash of Dead, this set will sate your appetite.

CDG: It's far better than the official release, and it's perfect quality!

rmd: Shatters all the trash-talking about the Dylan/Dead get-together. Maybe it wasn't the greatest union in the history of popular music, but this compilation proves it was far better than the complete disaster the official album suggests.