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ES 002 [T-065]

(1) Ostseehalle (Kiel, Germany); July 25, 1994
(2) Grossgasten (Dresden, Germany); July 21, 1994
(3) Sportovni Hala (Prague, Czech Republic); July 16, 1994
(4) Freileichtbuhne Peissnitz (Halle, Germany); July 23, 1994
(5) Schloss Friedenstein (Gotha, Germany); July 24, 1994

Tracklist: (1) Disease Of Conceit, Man In The Long Black Coat
(2) Every Grain Of Sand, Mr Tambourine Man
(3) Blowin' In The Wind
(4) Jokerman, Just Like A Woman, Love Minus Zero, I Shall Be Released
(5) Knockin' On Heaven's Door, One Too Many Mornings

DEEP: Some Dylan compilations don't quite measure up (i.e. some Wanted Man's) for a number of reasons - disparity in quality, misguided track selection, short disks - they have a feel of being thrown together to meet a deadline. The ones that do measure up have a feel of being put together by someone who really appreciates the music. This disk falls strongly into the latter category. The quality is consistently excellent on all eleven tracks, quite amazing considering that 5 shows are represented, and care was given to select tracks for both rarity of play and performance quality. Dylan and the band are at the top of their game on all these tracks. A classy looking package, too.

CDG: A compilation, taken from the European tour 1994, all in exceptional quality. Good selection of tracks from an excellent tour.

rmd: A big, big disappointment. There is nothing outstanding, sensational to find here. Because the audience noise is so often conspicuous, it is far below standard and will probably leave you disappointed and frustrated. If there is one thing I hate, it is a noisy audience.