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Bugsy 013 [T-057]

This U2 disc includes both performances from Dylan's April 20, 1987 walk-on at a U2 concert in Los Angeles (I Shall Be Released, Knockin' On Heaven's Door) and both performances from Bono's walk-on at Dylan's June 8, 1984 concert in Slane Castle in Eire (Leopardskin Pillbox Hat, Blowin' In The Wind). It also includes a U2 cover of "All Along The Watchtower." It is one of several essentially identical discs with similar titles.

CDG [U2]: There's nothing special about this that would make someone want it more than Covering' Em. The packaging is okay, but nothing flashy; two of the photos are taken straight off the Achtung Baby cover. There are several errors in the track listings.