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Moontunes 016 [T-023]

Last Waltz Rough Mix (San Francisco, CA); November 25, 1976

Tracklist: Down South In New Orleans (Dr. John); All Our Past Times, Further On Up The Road (Eric Clapton); Helpless, Four Strong Winds (Neil Young); Furry Sings The Blues (Joni Mitchell); Tura Lura Lura, Caravan (Van Morrison); Acadian Driftwood (Band); Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Hazel, I Don't Believe You, Forever Young, Baby Let Me Follow You Down; I Shall Be Released (ensemble)

DEEP: Dylan's complete set at the Last Waltz, including a delightful "Hazel" not issued as part of the official release. This mono soundboard is a tad below what you'd consider excellent but the naked rawness and rough-edged feel more than make up for it. Also included is the "missing" verse from "Forever Young." The official release suffered from considerable overdubbing - no such problem here. The complete sets by Van Morrison, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are also included, and as a huge bonus the unissued "Acadian Driftwood" by the Band and Eric Clapton's "All Our Past Times." Nice job, safe to say this is more "true sounding" than the official release.