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Ten Dollar 020/021 [T-021]

(1) Traveling Wilburys outtakes/rough mixes
(2) Jeff Lynne, extended/promo single
(3) extended versions (from official releases)
(4) Roy Orbison solo sessions
(5) Tom Petty B-side
(6) Duane Eddy w/various Wilburys (officially released)
(7) Roy Orbison (officially released)
(8) Under The Red Sky
(9) Wilbury Mountain Studio (Bel Air, CA); April 1990
(10) Duane Eddy, officially released
(11) Wilbury Mountain Studio (Bel Air, CA); April 1990
(12) Jeff Lynne B-side
(13) Under The Red Sky
(14) Jeff Lynne B-side
(15) source and artist unidentified
(16) Wilbury Mountain Studio (Bel Air, CA); April 1990
(17) deleted George Harrison collection

Tracklist: (1) Handle With Care, Dirty World, Rattled, Last Night, Congratulations, Heading For The Light (inst), End Of The Line
(2) Every Little Thing
(3) End Of The Line, Handle With Care
(4) Walk Away, Crying
(5) Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger
(6) The Trembler
(7) Heartbreak Radio, In Dreams, You Got It, Dream Baby
(8) Under The Red Sky [officially released]
(9) New Blue Moon (inst), Nobody's Child [officially released]
(10) Theme For Something Really Important (inst)
(11) Runaway, Maxine, Like A Ship, Runaway
(12) I'm Gone
(13) Born In Time [officially released]
(14) Borderline
(15) Silence
(16) She's My Baby, Inside Out, If You Belonged To Me, The Devil's Been Busy, Seven Deadly Sins, Poor House, Where Were You Last Night, Cool Dry Place, New Blue Moon, You Took My Breath Away, Wilbury Twist
(17) Cheer Down

CDG: A mixed bag. More than one-third of the tracks are non-Wilbury material, and much of the information in the packaging is incorrect. Only the rough mix of Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 is interesting -- too little, too late to justify this project.

NOTE: Not recommended. Many of the tracks here are pirated from official releases; many of the tracks have no connection to the Wilburys as a group. Many tracks are incorrectly identified, and the packaging is riddled with misinformation. "Walk Away" is sometimes credited to Del Shannon. "Silence" may be the Ringo Starr track "I Call Your Name." Some other non-Wilbury attributions are tentative or suspect.