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Wanted Man 068 [T-007]

(1) Beacon Theater (New York, NY); October 11, 1989
(2) Beacon Theater (New York, NY); October 12, 1989
(3) Beacon Theater (New York, NY); October 13, 1989

Tracklist: (1) Seeing The Real You At Last, I'll Remember You, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Most Of The Time, Dead Man Dead Man
(2) What Good Am I, Man Of Peace, Queen Jane Approximately, Everything Is Broken, Masters Of War
(3) Precious Memories, Simple Twist Of Fate, Memphis Blues Again, Like A Rolling Stone

DEEP: A 14-track compilation from the 1988 Beacon residency presented in decent but not excellent quality. A well chosen selection of electric tracks, including some rarely played NET tunes. Some careless editing between tracks destroys any continuity, and Wanted Man has chosen not to list the dates for each. Performances are standard for electric '89 material. All in all a rather average set. At least the disk is full.