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20/20 VISION

Red Sky 1016/17 [T-003]

(1) Baldwin Memorial Pavilion (Rochester, MI); July 6, 1989
(2) Savage Hall (Toledo, OH); August 8, 1989
(3) Marcus Amphitheater (Milwaukee, WI); July 3, 1989
(4) Greek Theater (Berkeley, CA); September 3, 1989
(5) Starplex Amphitheater (Dallas, TX); August 27, 1989
(6) County Bowl (Santa Barbara, CA); September 5, 1989
(7) Performing Arts Center (Saratoga Springs, NY); July 26, 1989
(8) Starlight Bowl (San Diego, CA); September 6, 1989
(9) Holman Stadium (Nashua, NH); July 6, 1991
(10) City Coliseum (Austin, TX); October 25, 1991
(11) Memorial Hall (Dayton, OH); November 9, 1991
(12) Morris Civic Auditorium (South Bend, IN); November 6, 1991
(13) Iowa State University (Ames, IA); November 2, 1991

Tracklist: (1) And It Stoned Me, Tomorrow Is A Long Time
(2) Tears Of Rage, I'm In The Mood For Love
(3) Early Morning Rain, In the Pines
(4) The Harder They Come, I Want You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Queen Jane Approximately, Rank Strangers To Me
(5) You Don't Know Me
(6) When Did You Leave Heaven
(7) Pretty Peggy-O, Legend In My Time
(8) Visions of Johanna
(9) Homeward Bound, Lakes of Pontchartrain
(10) On The Trail Of The Buffalo, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, 20/20 Vision, Friend Of The Devil
(11) Confidential To Me, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Boots Of Spanish Leather, Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, One Too Many Mornings
(12) Roving Gambler
(13) One Irish Rover, Simple Twist Of Fate

DEEP: Another fine compilation that easily takes the cake for most eclectic track listing. Sound quality is consistent throughout and ranges from excellent to very good, quite surprising considering the number of sources. There are 15 cover tunes, many of which Bob has played only a few times (if that many), and several originals that receive infrequent airings. The tracks are so eclectic and interesting; even the ones that don't work are at least interesting. High marks for this set and, to reiterate, sound quality is consistently good throughout. For those who are not familiar with BD live material circa 1989 and 1991, be forewarned. It is a far cry from the polish and sheen, so to speak, of BD live circa 1994 and 1995. The voice is rougher and the arrangements are not as tight. This does not detract from the attractiveness of the set, it is just to caution those who are intrigued by the track list.

CDG: Despite the interesting selection of songs, this set cannot escape the faults of its era. Energetic but rushed and unpolished.