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This page is entirely dedicated to my love for reading and writing romance novels, and to my wonderful husband who is not only the love of my life - but is the inspiration behind all my "heros" and who is my very best friend!

I also dedicate this page to my two wonderful sons and to my cyber twin Sportmom! May you encounter a Mitch Bradley in your life Sport! LOL!


You know, ROMANCE NOVELS have been much critisized in both the past and present society. I have heard these stories called "Junky Scribblings", "Trashy Books Which Only Promote Sex", and a countless number of other disagreeable things! And to these ignorant but hopefully SOON to be enlightened individuals who scoff and scorn Romance Literature - let me say just two simple things...

#1. LOVE is THE most powerful entity in the universe - and should therefore not be taken lightly - after all GOD (Who IS Love) would NOT have created this powerful emotion - if He had not wanted us to experience LOVE in all it's forms.
#2. This world would be a heck of alot better off, if more people learned to LOVE one another, instead of allowing HATE to govern their actions and life!

JUST THINK on it. IF the world was governed by love INSTEAD of by hate or greed - there would be no more wars, crime, abusive situations, or terrorism... NOR would there be a decline in our Earth's natural resources, or any animals & plant life disappearing forever into extintion...!!

I would MUCH rather live a life full of love and happiness than one in hatred, fear, or misery. ROMANCE is the spice of life. And it is only ONE form of love.

There are all kinds and forms of love. From Family, Friends, & Lovers to God, Country, and Nature... AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN & BEYOND... LOVE is a powerful force as well as a gift, and should not be ridiculed or taken lightly.

I believe in the power of love - and I embrace it each and every day of my life! After all if we were not meant to experience this would not exsist at all...

So bear these thoughts in mind the next time you walk past a romance novel and scoff at it. For romance stories deal with relationships between people...and they portray how love can change the course of a person's life and give it a deeper sense of meaning and worth. Romance Novels deal with the power of LOVE in all it's glory and explores all faucets of human nature and the way we interact with one another...and not just on a sexual level...

And while the characters in most romance novels are imaginary, the emotions and relationship issues these characters deal with are all too real! For these tales of love encompass more than just a man and a woman falling in love...they involve family, friends, and neighbors...and intertwine them with the diverse lifstyles of people all over the world. And these factors are then weaved together to form a richer and deeper scope of life. Just like it does in REAL life.

Romance novels are stories about LOVE - REAL LOVE in all it's shapes and forms and sizes! And they can give you a better understanding of how it affects each and every one of us.

So don't turn up your nose when people you know (or don't know) fall in love, nor ridicule the people who read and write romance stories. For without LOVE...people would be missing out on one of God's greatest blessings in life... For LOVE is a tangible and powerful entity which brings a new and deeper sense of meaning and purpose to the lives of those who are fortunate enough to encounter it.

~Kathryn L.M. Reynolds~


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