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Dystonia 411

Keep The Fire Going.. The Dystonia Medical Reseach Foundation is in NEED of your Help.. PLEASE.. Go The Distance for Dystonia! Email me for the 411! Thank You! Before I begin I want to ACKNOWLEDGE THE FAMILIES OF THOSE IN THE MILITARY,AWAY FROM HOME FOR OUR COUNTRY.. You are Brave and Strong and in the prayers of MANY! Hi. My Name is Stacia and I have Dystonia..I got it from a medicine for NAUSEA given to me in an IV in the hospital Emergency room..It's not Fatal, but LIVING with it can be VERY difficult. I have good days and bad days. The bad days are VERY difficult! So If you know me and Love me, I THANK YOU in advance for putting up with me on my bad days. There is so little known about it today, that I chose to do a page to INFORM people. I'm blessed to have a form of Dystonia which gives me hours of Rest before tormenting me.. some arn't so blessed. NOTE TO: ER Doctors.. please .. READ side effects to patients and DIG DEEP for 411 BEFORE giving a drug.. NOTE TO: patients.. ask questions about what you're being given! Please..

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions, which force certain parts of the body into abnormal, SOMETIMES PAINFUL, movements or postures. Dystonia can affect ANY part of the body including the arms and legs, TRUNK, NECK, eyelids, FACE, or vocal cords. Dystonia causes a type of impairment, because muscle contractions interfere with normal function. Features such as cognition, strength, and the senses, including vision and hearing are normal.(W/the Exeption of blurred vison due to meds or blephorospasm) While dystonia is not fatal, it is a chronic DISORDER and prognosis is difficult to predict. It is the third most common movement disorder after Parkinson's Disease and Tremor, affecting more than 300,000 people in North America. Dystonia does not discriminate - affecting all races and ethnic groups. Brief History ... Dystonia, was recognized as a distinct entity only recently. Even before the term "dystonia" was coined, people with the syndrome were being reported explicitly in the literature. In February, 1984, a committee of members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation met, deliberated, and developed the following definition: "dystonia is a syndrome of sustained muscle contractions, frequently causing twisting and repetitive movements, or abnormal postures. **************************************************** Thank you for reading this page and visiting the other pages.. Thanks to Harborview Hospital Urgent Care and Neurology Depts AND to Dr. Hilel and his staff at UW Medical Center!Thanks to my Friends on the Dystonia BB.. Thanks to those who love me and are sticking by me now that I am a real SPAZ.. (heheheh) ..MaryEllen, My Kids,(Kim, DJ, and Tavia)My Sis and family (Wonderful Friends) Becca&Patti, Tree&Family, Tina(BeeGee),Chris, The "59" Girlz, The "Ugly sisters at wwu(you know I love ya) also Tee ,Azara, I'ysha and Vette, Big Dog, Michelle and Family (RIP JON).. My Precious Friend Clive And Family, MUCH LOVE for My family in NY and Tacoma and Kitsap and all over the country.. My Auntie and Unkie in the "Big Easy) and anyone I may have forgotten... God Bless! Peace and Serenity to all... Beat the heat(violence).. Love is a VERB.. Be nice to Humans and Animals!

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