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Formed in 1995, Kalamashaka is currently the talk of Nairobi. The swahili rap trio are a crowd puller with most of their shows filled to capacity. With their blend of swahil/english rhymes touching on day to day life in Nairobi, kalamashaka are bound to keep the crowds rockin'. They burst into the scene with their debut hit single "Tafsiri Hii" that came with mass appeal and received favourable air time on all radio stations nationwide.
For the first time, Nairobians finally found music they loved and could relate to from one of their own. On stage, Kalamashaka clad in sporty outfits designed by Fundi Frank take little time to prove that they are on a whole new level, with captivating lyrics that drives the crowd wild but still gets the message across. After all the success, Nairobians were left wondering if Kshaka would be able to release
another smasher like Tafsiri Hii. Well, not only were they able to reach those standards, but they went a step further proving that they are truely Kenya's rap group to be reckoned with. This time they released a track titled 'Songa Hapa' which rapidly rose to the NO.1 position on the Charts and holding this position for a number of weeks.Once again, Nairobians were not humming to Tupac's "Wonder if Heavens Got a Ghetto", or biggies "Hypnotized" but they all seemed to be rhyming to the opening lines of songa hapa: "Umeniattract vile microphone you attract Mc's..... Hangtime has nothing but love for Kshaka and wish them the best in their lyrical pursuits. Skys the limit as long as "otero yuko in charge"with the rest of his crew. And urge you to show the rest of the world that "nyinyi sio amatuers hamu need introduction"

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