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Red's Online Auction

For your convenience, here's where you can see my auction items.
This page does not automatically update. I will do it with
each new auction

Movies I have currently listed on Ebay & Boxlot Auction. If you would like
to bid, click on item number, that will take you to Ebay directly
and you can bid or see if there is a bid currently; click on the
item number. You must be registered (free) with Ebay.

Thank you for your interest
and visting my site.

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Current auctions by (62) star

Includes ongoing auctions only. Bold price means at least one bid has been received.

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Item Start End Price Title High Bidder
5777024701/17/9901/24/99 15:23:4014.95Porcelain Roses Cabachon/Bead PackageNo Bids Yet
5776685901/17/9901/24/99 15:15:1414.95Porcelain Hummingbird Cabachon/Bead PackageNo Bids Yet
5777311701/17/9901/24/99 15:30:4314.95Lion Porcelain Cabachon/Bead PackageNo Bids Yet

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Here are my Boxlot items.

Boxlot Online Auction - Active Auction List

Boxlot Online Auction
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Active Auction List

Listed below are currently active auctions by ending on or after 1/3/99.

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3 records found
LotItemQty.Ending OnPrice/Bid
188928Porcelain Sunflower Cabachon/Bead Package11/24/99 - 9:00 pm ETStart @ 14.95
188926Porcelain Deer Cabachon/Bead Package11/24/99 - 9:00 pm ETStart @ 14.95
188922Porcelain Hummingbird Cabachon/Bead Package11/24/99 - 9:00 pm ETStart @ 14.95

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Please note, this site doesn't automatically update, you will need to
click on the item number to see if there is a current bid.

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