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Karen's Gallery

Kristi and Red are pleased to announce the introduction of their 3rd traveling muskateer, Karen Davis from Idaho, a talented bead artist and masterful painter as noted if you visit her personal website Camel Lot She is also a worldwide traveler and continues to fight for patient's rights to be properly treated for intractable pain.

My work encompasses a wide variety of techniques including loom, peyote, right angle weave, spiral, knitting, crochet and stringing. I use seed beads, crystals, glass and gemstone beads. I do my own patterns as well as following patterns of others.

My work with international students gave me the opportunity to "discover" the Biva chain from Nepal, which is presented here. Biva is the name of the woman who showed me the technique.

Each piece is one of a kind. I will be happy to create a a piece custom built in your colors or length. A nonrefundable deposit will be required for commission pieces. Enjoy your visit and thanks for browsing.

To see a larger picture, please click on the underlined title.

Pearl spiral
Necklace w/white satin
Bugles, 15 white satin
Ceylon finish, antique
Ab chicklets and fresh
Water pearls. Length 24"
Blue lampwork bead
Ndebele necklace
Copper lined delicas
Length adjustable 26-27-28"
Green aventurine cabochon
Necklace w/bone colored Czech 11s
and ab green color lined dynamites
Length 24 inches
Oglalla butterfly
Necklace w/ab opal and
Gilt lined opal beads
Length 24 inches
"Sherbet Rhapsody" Beaded Knit
Purse w/ hand made silver chain
Length 6 inches by 4 inches wide
"Summer Magic"
Lilac cabachon with
Biva chain necklace
"Raven" amulet bag
Bag is 2" x 2 3/4" (minus the fringe)
Strap is 27 inches long
Includes earrings (not shown)
Pattern by Sharon Bateman
$200.00 for the set
Biva Chain Necklace
26 inches in length
Done in purple iris bugles
and bronze iris seeds
Agate slab
5 inches tall
Work in progress
My own mix of beads
Not for sale
Gemstone Cabachon Brooch
2 1/2 inches
"4th of July" Dutch
Spiral Necklace
Length 23 inches
Russian style beadwork Designed
by Barbara Haire
"Blue" Dutch
Spiral Necklace & Earrings Set
"Amulet Bag"
Done with Czech 11's in crochet,featuring a
lampwork bead in the shape of an apple
with a dichroic snake around it and featuring
Czech pressed glass leaves.
"Mardi Gras" Crocheted
Rope Spiral Necklace
Made with Czech crystal seed beads
on varigated crochet thread.
Gemstone Cabachon Brooch
2 1/2 inches
"Rutilated Quartz"
Gemstone Cabachon Brooch
Pendant 2 1/2 inches
"Elegant Black and White"
Woven 4-Strand Opera Length Necklace
Eye beads and new black feather beads from Java
Length 29 inches
"Mini Beaded Bead Bracelet"
AB pink with garnet tubes and sterling spacers
Length 8 1/2 inches

Order Form
To order any of these pieces please e-mail me: Karen