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Spokane Bead Society Retreat

This past September I was invited to participate in a Bead Retreat with the members of the Spokane Bead Society. It was held in Metaline Falls, Washington which is a small mountain town that is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The movie The Postman with Kevin Costner was filmed in that area.

The Washington Hotel was wonderful as it was it's proprietor, Lee. Each of her rooms is individually decorated with handmade quilts, embroidered towels and when you are there, it feels like the early 1900's. The cuisine was just that, cuisine and most excellent! Lance had a great time too eating dinner with 11 women every evening!! He explored the area and checked in once in awhile at the hotel.

The beaders were great and I was delighted to meet and play and hope that this is the first of many bead retreats I attend there. We beaded, we taught, we bartered, we bought goodies from each other and I venture to say, a fine time was had by all!

Our backyard and a spike buck and doe enjoying pears!

Our 5th wheel set up in Spokane before the bead retreat.

The Washington Hotel in Metaline Falls, Washington.

Red standing in front of the purple flowers.

The very gracious hostess/proprietor of the hotel, Lee.

Karen, our soon to be newest CoMoWa member, Judy, the spinning bead bowl lady and Kristi.

Busy, busy, busy!!

It was hard to get these ladies to group up for a picture. We were having way too much fun!! Left to right, seated are Sam, Bobbi, Stella; standing are Karen, Red, Muriel, Marcie, Ava and Jan; missing are Kristi and Judy.
I can't wait until next year!!