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Cabochon Guest Gallery

Since working with cabochons, both gemstone and porcelain have become my favorite pastime, I have noticed a lot of interest/addiction blooming in other beaders who have been buying cabs that I have available on my porcelain cab page; I have created a gallery for guest beaders who create lovely cabochon pieces.

This gallery is not limited to cabs that have been purchased from me. I welcome any beader who would like to have their cab work shown here. It is my pleasure to provide a cab gallery to display a variety of cabochon beadwork!!

Sunshine says "This creation came about as a request from a regular customer and friend in Washington State. Judy owns a business called Windjammer Printing and Graphics. She asked for something "nautical". I didn't really have anything boat related but I did send her scans of the whales and dolphins I got from you. She picked the one I used. She wanted some "sea" type colors, and the beaded chain. She had seen some of the ruffle and rope spiral trims I had used on other cabs and wanted that...and that's how I started off and then the piece just evolved from there.

All the beads used are size 14 Japanese round. The inside row next to the cab is done in inside color blue and inside color pink using a 7 bead ruffle technique I learned from Paula Adams first book. The outside row is done with a greenish gold and AB clear spiral rope type trim that I also learned from Paula Adams book. I've seen the stick fringe everywhere and had always thought it looked like branches of "coral" in a I incorporated a bit of that into the design. Along with the shells, I've added a few "drop" beads in colors similar to the rounds and the cab itself, some alone and some in a bunch of three to simulate various sea anemone () or barnacles. Some of these don't show up to well in the scan. It's mounted and backed in genuine suede. In all the piece w/ chain took 10 hours to do.....and Judy is just thrilled with how it came out (she's my biggest fan - grin)."

Chris Faller created this two beautiful cab pieces. She says " About a year ago, I started to get interested in beading. Made a few of the simple, but beautiful bracelets from patterns offered on the net by some of the bead artists. Of course my "need" for beads started to grow. One of the first hanks of beads I bought from Ebay, were the yellow ones I used on the Guardian Angel cab. Until I bought your cab, I didn't know what I was going to use them on. They seemed to want to be a part of the work. I studied your instructions for creating embellished cabs and just sort of added a few ideas of my own. My sister now has the cab, which I made as a pin.

My mother is from PA and loves lilacs, so it was the perfect choice to bead the lilac cab for her. It was sort of a wing it beading I did on that one. I really had a great time creating both of the cabs."

Janice Carnarvon took our class at Bead & Button last May and did a wonderful job on my wolf kit! She is a very talented designer and we have become great friends. We are taking a couple of classes at the Bead & Button Show this next May where I am again teaching "Exploring the Dutch Spiral with Karen and Kristi for the second year in a row!!

Annie Scarborough totally blew me out of the water when she wrote to me to let me know about a unicorn cab she had gotten from me and here's what she has to say: "This necklace is a birthday present for my Egyptian-loving friend Lea's unicorn and horsey things-loving sister Dusti.
When I saw the blue unicorn cab on
Red Ventling's site I knew I had to have one for Dusti so here it is. I used Chech beads, #8 faceted gold beads, Japanese seed beads and an assortment of flower, star, and crystal beads for the fringe and strap. I tried one of the fancy cab edging styles from Paula Adams' VISIONS I book."

Betty Rose, a very talented beader made this unicorn kit from our class at the Bead & Button Show this past June. She did a great job of giving my kit life!!!

Here is a wonderfully done piece by Eileen Burkhardt from a kit by Rayney King. Eileen says "I did make some changes to the original kit - the black beads around the cab face are black charlottes, they fit better than the hex black in the kit.

Also I swapped out the stop beads - the kit ones were green and were very visible in the finished piece, so I put in some transparent fringe beads that were almost circular."

Here's a wonderfully done cab by Kelli Allison who agreed to be a beta tester on my Bead & Button Class instructions. She did great job and to put icing on the cake, she named the piece "Azure" and dedicated it to me!! I am blushingly proud of what she has created from my instructions. Great job, Grasshopper!!

Presenting Jan Wasser CoMoWa's latest bead artist. She does awesome beadart and is a sweetie to boot! In her own words:

"Retreat: My first with Red's cab and class at the Old Washington Hotel in Metaline Falls,Wa. Framing did with peyote around the cab in Japanese seed beads 11 and 14's. Attached the spiral around the top half of bezel. Embellished with lots of fun czech beads and Golden Aventurine stone pieces. The neck strap in the spiral rope I learned from Kristi Daniels and Karen Davis."

"Cool Blue: Is a 2nd in a series of Red's cabs. Cobalt is a wonderful color for this piece. Again it's framed with peyote around the cab, w/11 and 14's--gold colored charlottes on inside and outside of framing. On both sides of rope spiral strap, used size 8 seed bead of cobalt."

"Innocents: What can I say--They are cute enough on their own without a lot of embellishments. peyote framed with japanese 11 and 14's. Strap in the spiral rope."

I am delighted to present a cab necklace by Debra Pyeatt. Debra kindly agreed to be a beta tester for some of my cab instructions I am working on for the Bead & Button Class. She did a wonderful job using 11's and 14's and she carried the flower pattern up the spiral rope to tie everything together!! It is a wonderful necklace and I thank Debra very kindly for playing with my instructions.

Here's a wonderful cab piece by Joan Bowman aka Joan in Ark. She had brought the cab to life with her embellishment; especially those purple flowers which remind her of wisteria. Lovely piece!

Presenting Mary Menken aka shdwcat in her own words:

"I bought a piece of faceted Austrian crystal at a little shop here in town. I used Mill Hill number 0034 and netted around the crystal using the instructions for beading around a cab from your site only I took the netting all the way around the back so only the back point was left uncovered. I then did a peyote ruffle around the outside edge using royal blue transparent czech seed beads in size 11. Right behind that I did a netted ruffle in clear ab czech seed beads, size 11.

For the neck strap I did a strip of peyote in the royal blue and bordered that with a netted ruffle on each side in the clear ab. again in 11's. The ruffles gave the neck strap a loose twist so I just allowed it to find it's own shape.

Then I attached the pendant to the cab and added 7 strands of fringe in alternating colors at the bottom."

For the angel swap, Mary did this piece:
"I did peyote around the cab in size 10 white pearl czech seed beads followed by one row of netted ruffle in size 11 Fuschia rochailles. The neck strap is a spiral rope with the size 10 pearl for the core and the fuschia rochailles for the outside."

Another lovely piece; this is a cameo choker by Mary:
"The neckchain is done in Chevron Stitch as is the border around the cab. I did it in size 11 bottle green rocailles and used size 11 red czech seed beads for the rosettes."

Here's another wonderful choker by Mary:
" This piece started out to be a double victorian lace choker, but as I was joining it together, it formed the perfect place to nestle the gold heart shaped button that has been rattling around in my sewing box forever. It is done with size 11 pearl white czech seed beads and mill hill transparent gold beads. There are 4 bicone austrian crystals joining the lower part and supporting the cab."

Lorraine Felitta asked me to make a kit for her to go with the doberman cab and she did a wonderful job of bringing the kit to life. She also beaded the back and put daisy flowers on it the back in completely black and some daisies.

Lorraine has created a lovely violet cab brooch. One side is free form and the other is ruffled. Great job, Lorraine!

Suzanne Hess of Suzanne's Hands did this wonderful cab with corners!! The piece is called "Ice Dancing" and in her own words:
"The cabochon is a piece of polished rainbow obsidian, when in bright light you can see purples and greens, so I couldn't bear to cover up the back with leather. It's bezeled in Delicas and 15/0's, using a wonderful cornering technique shared by Paula Adams Visions.

The Dutch spiral is worked in 6/0's, 8/0's, triangles, Delica 3.3's, and Japanese11/0's, using the (in)famous "Squish and Tuck" technique , and is worked into the cab bezel on each side. Bali cones and a silver toggle clasp were used to complete the necklace."

Here's another fabulous piece from Suzanne called Sea Dance:
"I made 4 strips of ladders, 2 beads wide, and attached them to the bezel. The first strand of the necklace goes through the pieces, but the other strands I ran through the first strand, so it wouldn't get bulky in the back. I used Silamide doubled for each strand of the necklace."

Kelly Nye has been making brooches for about 5 years now, she learned from Sadie Starr's book. She had intended to make this into her first necklace, but it just 'looked' like a brooch! Along with the amethyst, there are two freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Red adds, this is a gorgeous piece of work and I am happy to have Kelly as a guest in my cab gallery!!

Fay Lynn aka LdyAvalon7 has done her first cab for the angel swap; and it is awesome!!:
"I used Red's cab tutorial to capture the cab. It took me three tries to get the tension right. I then adapted the ruffle from Wendy Ellsworth's article in "Bead and Button", the April 2000 issue. The strap is a single peyote stitch for the first three rows and then I switched to two drop for two rows. I used size 11 and 14 Japanese seed beads."

Questions? Email: Red